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How to create VoIP mobile application for Windows Phone to work in the background mode

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Prior to the release of Windows Phone 8, the users of VoIP applications were very disappointed with the work in the background mode, as, in fact, it was practically absent. Among the features that the developers could show the user – was the notification of the incoming call while the application in the background, at the same time the notification was barely visible, barely Audible and quickly disappears. On the one hand, it was saving the battery as if the application worked full-fledged in the background, but on the other hand, it made the app itself a useless tool. Prior to the release of WP8, Microsoft warmed-up the public’s interest in the new version of the platform by promising to integrate Skype into the operating system and work in the background. Well, they fulfilled their promises – now it’s possible to:

  • Initiate a Skype call via phone contact list
  • Continue the Skype conversation even if you deliberately or accidentally fold the application (earlier if you accidentally touch the search button during a conversation – the conversation broke off)
  • And the most interesting: to receive incoming calls with the interface aka a regular gsm-call in conditions when Skype is not running (not in background) and moreover – it does nothing in the background (saves the battery)

Microsoft did not make it exclusive (except for integration into the contact book) for its product and opened the API, which allows third-party developers to implement the same scripts without being a privileged partner (as was the case in WP7 with native SDK).

Although it’s not as easy to integrate into the contact list – you can use ContactStore and Protocol handlers to change the URL field in the contact and open the application by clicking).