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SMS-Mailing: How To Organize Effective Bulk SMS Marketing on the Point of Sales

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Here in this article, we will consider rather popular way of telecommunications service – Bulk SMS distribution. One will ask, what is the relation of telecom industry and short messages? we’ll answer – the direct relation – you are sending SMS through some channel, the route, and this route is provided as well as the voice route, by the telecommunication operator. So,

So, let’s start! 

  • How perform the segmentation of the customer database for bulk SMS messaging?
  • How to send each client a personalized offer
  • How not to overdo and send spam SMS
  • How to bind bulk SMS to the loyalty program as a legal competently organize SMS-mailing legendary

American merchant John Wanamaker ones told such words: “I know that half of my advertising budget is wasted, what I don’t know which half exactly is it.”

Unfortunately, one can’t tell for sure the number of clients who come to the store from emails or SMS wholesale. Most often, the client decides to visit a particular point of sale under the influence of various factors, among which are the following: the buyer’s needs; direct mail (e-mail and SMS); media reports; outdoor advertising; buzz marketing and others. However, it can be stated that the number of targeted directly messages sent out is proportional to the number of store visitors.

So, to measure the data more precisely, you can start the event and send bulk SMS to the owners of membership cards, in the form of notification of the owners of discount cards in the form of bulk SMS. You will see – the number of visitors to the shop typically increases more than twofold.

For sure, you might suspect that the most of the SMS campaign is inefficient; you might have the same visitors at your shop every day. Anyway, you may test this hypothesis, and conduct some studies. The results will completely deny your fears.

Of course, some buyers visit your point of sales or an agency on schedule: every day or at specific dates. But their number is too small. In general, the types and amount of visitors are constantly changing in a natural way. And partially it depends on various advertising channels such as bulk message marketing.

How to collect the database of loyal and stable customers for mass SMS is a dream, perhaps, of every commercial enterprise. However, to do so without the prior consent of the subscriber or recipient of the message is prohibited in lots of countries by the Law. Therefore, the data acquisition for the customer database is very responsible activity from a legal point of view point.

The targeted mass message is sometimes the part of loyalty program of some wholesale marketing agencies. Here, at such agencies, they collect the database by the following scheme – when a client receives a discount card he is invited to leave his contact information (e-mail and (or) mobile phone number) to become a member of direct bulk messaging.

Customer’s consent helps to avoid misunderstandings and conflict situations, and all these confirmed by the client’s personal data and the personal signature. This is a prerequisite.

When filling out the questionnaire, you may offer the customer to choose the type of SMS bulk messaging or an e-mail messaging that may interest him. These may be information on meetings with authors and readers’ clubs, new books or discounts and promotions.

Member of the discount program can set up his subscriptions in the personal account of the owner of a discount card on the official website of your store.

If the client is no longer interested in a subscription, he can unsubscribe by notifying your managers any convenient way (by phone, by email, via the feedback form on the website) or through automatic links to unsubscribe (present at the end of each e-mail).

The most important features of targeted e-mailings and group SMS is based on the type of contact information, customers can receive two types of distribution: e-mails, group text messaging. These channels are by far the most popular with our clients, regardless of their age, gender or social status, as well as the skills with digital devices.

At the same time, we can not completely abandon one communication channel for another, we can not do this because these types of mass message are not interchangeable. There are several reasons for this. Emails are different from the SMS bulk messaging capacity, the ability to add media files, a method of producing, by the larger percentage of delivered messages and, finally, the cost of mailing. In addition to purely technical features of the data channels, customer preferences should also be noted. So, according to some estimations, the number of subscribers to the SMS mass is about one and a half times larger than the number of recipients of the relevant e-mail-mailing.

And this is quite logical: as almost everyone, regardless of age or social status, has a mobile phone now while e-mail requires a connection to the Internet and some skill handling the computer. Emails can be sent at night, while sending bulksms is considered unethical later than 8 pm and before 10 am.

All these features should be regarded in the organization and planning of targeted mailings. We recommend the following scheme to send e-mails and bulk SMS online. We advise to send all your subscribers the information about the monthly campaigns and suggest the 25% on all production. This offer will attract a lot of buyers. Many people are planning the purchases at a time when there are discounts, but, of course, the consumers can not regularly monitor the operation of the store and the dates of the offers.

Therefore, in this case, the bulk SMS from PC is necessary and useful, not only for the SMS service provider but also to loyal customers. The large-scale mass text messaging can be a part of your loyalty program. SMS and e-mails are used to inform the client in this case.

For other newsletters reporting on meetings with authors, book presentations, meetings of readers’ clubs, new books or congratulates – use e-mail only. This position is formed by the experience: customers are quite tolerant to several emails a week but do not enjoy a lot of SMS-messages.

How to organize electronic and wholesale SMS

Both e-mail-mailing and bulk SMS are implemented via a Web interface corresponding mailing systems. It is the responsibility of the manager (PR, or marketing manager) to prepare SMS text or e-mail text; add illustrations to the e-mail; control the size of SMS-messages; define the start mailing time. On the appointed day and hour, the system automatically generates a message (or SMS-message) to a designated range of clients, if necessary, inserts the text of the personal data (e.g., name, last name,  date of birth) and starts sending SMS or emails to the recipients.

Depending on the technical capabilities of the equipment and the number of messages in a few hours bulk SMS or e-mails comes to all subscribers. After each mass mailing activity there comes the so-called period of the reaction when clients: call or write you for information; ask to change the personal data; refuse postings.

So at the end of each message, you should leave contact information for feedback. One of the most awkward work moments with bulk SMS marketing is to maintain the information up to date. The customer base is always changing: daily it adds dozens of new contacts, new e-mail addresses, and mobile phone numbers. The change of priorities in life is reflected here also. You have to regularly and promptly update customer profiles, connect or disconnect these or other types of lists, respond to complaints and requests, resolve the conflict.

Of course, a particular role is playing the human factor. Mistakes and errors can show up and personal data. Sometimes it happens curiosity, but hopefully, your customers will react with humor. In any case, try to reduce the number of such errors.

Loyalty Program

As we said at the beginning, direct mailing – is a part of the loyalty program. We should add that the mass texting service is inextricably linked with this program. The subscriber form for the participant in the loyalty program allows you to determine the range of mailings, which can be useful to the client and, therefore, of interest to him with suggestions.

When you work on the preparation of bulk SMS campaign, you should take into account background information about the recipients. It would also be strange, to have a large base of loyal customers and not try to invite them to participate in the business life. It may sound trite, but it is the relationship of loyalty programs, and direct mail achieves the desired results: to attract visitors, get new orders, subscribe new contacts, boost sales.