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Top Five Reasons Calls are The Best Choice! In Some Life Situations, Calls are Better Than SMS. Learn Why?

why use voip calls

There a plenty of various situations in life when it is better not to save money but call and talk directly, without sending SMS. 

We have made a small survey based on the information collected from one of our projects called CallnSpeak – providing cheap international calls via VoIP apps and services, and want to share with you. There are the reasons when it’s better to choose SMS as a communication channel. Learn when… Some services offer alternative ways to make international calls in case of limited internet bandwidth, thanks to our special technology even with the low-quality internet you will still be able to call with the same quality.

Urgent life situations

If you need to solve the problem on the spot it is better do not hesitate and call your recipient to ask him directly and get the answer. It can be both personal life situations and business ones.

Holidays greetings

Remember there are people who will be always glad if you will call to tell a couple words on the holiday occasion, instead of sending a postcard or a gift. These are parents, relatives, and friends.

Telling news

If you have news no matter for whom – it is better to make a call in another case this news will be told by some other people.

Ask for help

If you need help it is better to express it in sound words. Personal communication let it be by the phone if you are far from the recipient is the best way to get the necessary help.


If you are in the situation you have to apologize it is better to choose phone calls. If you really care whether a person figures you make a call and express you apologize. By such an action you will show you attitude and goodwill.

Remember, no matter how far from your recipient you are, there are many ways to contact them. We advise you Callnspeak as a reliable choice!