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What is an Effective SMS Sending from a Marketer Point of View?

Bulk SMS Marketing Target audience

What are the most effective advertising tools is mailing? The information is delivered to the potential client by e-mail, paper letter or SMS. The last one method can be called the most popular and the most profitable. This is due to the fact that mobile phones are used by more than 90% of the population. So, you can convey information to almost everyone.

It is clear to any marketer that advertising works only when it exactly reaches the target audience. It makes no sense to offer even very good baby diapers to men around the age of 50 or diamond cufflinks to teenagers. The effectiveness of mailing depends on who reads the message.

SMS targeting

Targeting can be a great help in determining the target audience. This mechanism allows you to quite accurately select from all potential recipients of SMS mailing only those who meet the predefined criteria. This strategy is used, of course, not only for distribution but also for other types of advertising. Thus, the easiest but effective way of targeting can be considered the selection of a local area for the advertising. It should be located where there is the greatest concentration of people of the right age, interests, financial situation. For example, online SMS platform allows to add tags: first name, last name, interests, geo-position, etc to make precisely targeted SMS mailing.

As for the SMS mailing, the mailing can be targeted by gender, age or geographical location. This method is called geotargeting. In this case, messages are sent to people who are in a particular city, district or even building. As a rule, the minimum distance to the point is about 500 m, but there are exceptions.

Geographical SMS distribution


Who needs geographical SMS sending? First of all, among them, there are companies and the enterprises providing services in a certain area of the settlement. For example, a supermarket marketer can order bulk SMS for residents of the street where the store is located. This will provide a very fast and significant effect due to the exact hit it in your target audience.

The advantages of SMS type of advertising

  • A high open rate of messages. If the main disadvantage of e-mail distribution is a high probability that the letter will not be read, but in the case of sending SMS, the percentage of open messages exceeds 90.
  • Low cost per contact. As a rule, when sending messages to the so-called “cold base”, when messages are sent to all, the response rate is small-1-2%. This leads to a significant rise in the cost of one contact. Geo-targeting also allows you to achieve a 20 percent conversion.
  • Incoming messages often remain in the phone’s memory, which allows the client to return to it if necessary. In fact, these are the contacts of your company, which are stored in the phone of a potential client.

That is why SMS mailing with different kinds of targeting are increasingly popular. They are used not only for direct advertising but also to convey to the client important information about promotions, discounts and other changes occurring in the company. Be the one who also applies this method of reaching potential and current customers!